Random thoughts about me

I am an introvert.

I like to stay home play online, watch movies I’ve seen a million times.

I like to sit alone reading a book, or three or four books in succession.

I like to binge watch television series

I like to sing, and I’ll flip to extroverted once in a while to go sing karaoke.  But anymore a little bit goes a long way.  The actual singing is great.  The getting ready, the driving to the joint and the subsequent driving home, EVEN the waiting for the next song, those are all not worth the trouble.

I have an awesome person in my life who rates things on whether or not he had to put pants on.  Movies, outings, the works.  I think that’s a pretty good way to look at it.

X-men Days of Future Past: definitely worth putting pants on.
This final season of True Blood:  So glad you don’t have to wear pants to view it.

I once wrote a novel.  It was for nanowrimo.  The entire month of November that year was spent in my room, typing like a mad women on the computer.  I finished it despite a horrible month, starting late, and giving up twice.  It’s a deplorably written piece of crap, but it’s mine.

I once went out nearly every night with friends, because they wanted me to.  I would spent the rest of the week retreating until Thursday or Friday would roll around.

I’m a horrible judge of character.  People who seem so nice and kind, end up being liars, cheats, and thieves more often than not.  I need a people reader.

I am generally a happy person.  I know lately the blog has not shown that, but we all have bad days and what’s the use of a blog if I can’t write how I really feel?

Sometimes the best people, the truest people, the ones that actually care, are online.  The same can be true for those that are horrible awful people. I hope I’m the former rather than the latter.

I rescued my current dog from the middle of town.  He’s a full blooded Yorkie, he was almost run over by a semi truck.  My sister and I pulled over during a particularly bad health time for me.  I was trying to bleed to death.   I was unable to sit down on the pavement, but my sister sat down and this little 5 to 7 lbs of fur walks over to her and climbs in her lap.

I tried to find his owners, but no luck, no one wanted the little squirt back.  For the next two days I went through thousands of names, but with his ears one up and one down, I finally found my way through Doctor Who, Firefly, Buffy and AngelVerse, all the typical dog names, and then settled onto Star Trek.

The little guy wouldn’t answer to ANYTHING.  I tried Kirk, Tiberius, Scotty, Scott, Sulu, and finally I tried Spock.  It made sense, he had the eternal eyebrow raise thing going with his ears.  And he rushed across the house to me.  It seemed he liked it to.

He is house trained.  He is a wonderful dog that loves me unconditionally, and even on my darkest days he makes me happy.  He is a true friend, that came in when I needed him most. I didn’t even know I needed him.


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