Random thoughts about me

I am an introvert. I like to stay home play online, watch movies I’ve seen a million times. I like to sit alone reading a book, or three or four books in succession. I like to binge watch television series I like to sing, and I’ll flip to extroverted once in a while to go... Continue Reading →

Demons inside

I never had a defining bad moment to show me that I was a hideous person.  In fact when I was a child I was actually cute.  I never won a pageant but I was a very pretty kid.  I started school and was excited to meet new kids and to make friends. I loved... Continue Reading →


The feminist movement of today pisses me off.  Here’s a bit of a revelation to you readers.  I’ve been raped. Not once but three times.  With that said the “She didn’t ask for it” shit doesn’t fly with me.  I put myself into two bad situations and they ended up atrociously. No one asks to... Continue Reading →


She’s gone.  No more breath, no more smile, that peaceful look is all that remains.  She who raised a town, she who knew no enemy, my Aunt.  There was a pony once.  This mean evil beasty that needed ‘breaking’.  Once that was done he was fun to ride, as long as the adults put you... Continue Reading →

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