This week, The 80s Rocker, and Mr. Perfect

This week has been all sorts of difficult.  I’ve suffered from sleep deprevation at the paws of some evil foul monsters…  My aunt’s and cousin’s dogs.  They are three sweet fluffy demons that will snuggle you to death!

I’ve also spent the week with my grandmother, and while I love her dearly she has a wicked tongue.  I enjoyed it immensely until the sleep thing got me.

Enough of that, I’m heading home in the morning to my own little furry demon, Spock, and I will sleep in my own bed for the first time in a week.  I’m excited.

I’ve started to draw again, and thought I might add a few of the panes to the blog, they are based around medicine, so as a nurse I think I should put them up somewhere.  Why not  Kiss a Lot of Frogs?

Now let me preface any future comics by saying that these are not based in reality, and no I’m not basing them on any patient or person, and any resemblance to a living entity is not meant.

Now onto the blog post.

He was an 80s rockstar.  Long brown hair, badly done tattoos (reminiscent of 80s Mom tattoos).  But he could sing, and by that I mean he could sing anything from Queensryche to Guns and Roses.  He’d belt out Dreamer by Ozzy, then turn around and produce some hard core Iron Maiden.  He was intense.

We’d flirt around week after week, him singing amazing karaoke tunes, and then I turned the favor back upon him.  It was a seductive give and take in music, and in flirting.

At the time I’d just started to see the AAA and so when 80s Rocker entered the picture I was still available.  I was still looking, and he was looking quite amazing.

We would do this little dance for a few months, He did quite the yoda impersonation, and he made me laugh.  He had a roommate and I was naïve enough to think that his female roommate was just a roommate.  This was not the first time it had happened, and you’d think I’d have learned that lesson years ago, the first time.  However, I did not, and so I started on a short but romantic rendezvous.

We’d talk for hours, and we’d hang out at the karaoke joint, then a friend of mine decided to invite him over for drinks and Karaoke at her house (thanks to some 360 game).   We had a blast.  It was loud, the music was stupid fun, and we managed to get quite sauced.

At one point we both decided that we needed to get away to talk, to hang out, to just be together.  We had two choices, we could go outside amongst the vampires and the quite probable druggies, given the standard of the population, or we could hide out in an unoccupied room.

Unfortunately the only unoccupied room was the bathroom, so we sat in there.  He on the closed toilet, and me on the side of the tub.  We talked for about two hours.  We may have even made out a bit.  We returned to the gathering, and continued our fun night out with friends.

After sobering up quite a bit, I dropped his drunk ass home, but not before he showed me his stone circle and altar.  And pointed out that he lived in an old church.  It was quite a nice place actually.  We stuck around for a while chit chatting, and then I headed back home.

By the next day, I was an outcast.  The friend I had decided that I’d given him head in her bathroom, and she demanded that I never set foot in her house again.  I told her that it was fine, I had better friends at the bottom of most liquor bottles.  (And as I’m not an alcoholic that’s saying something.)

I also told her that she was a piece of ripe shit.  She would string a good friend of mine along for weeks at a time, building up the hopes that they’d date, then she’d show up with the flavor of the month.  (week/day.. whatever).

I quickly decided it wasn’t worth my while to talk to her.  Unfortunately for 80s!Rocker I also stopped talking to him, because it was about this time I realized he had a wife.  Well maybe wife isn’t the right term, but they’d been together for over 10 years and they had twins.

I decided that I didn’t need to bust up a pseudo happy home, and I moseyed my way back to my own town, with the people who didn’t need Meth to get through the day.  (well most of them).

It was at this time I first decided to ask myself a few important questions.  These questions should have served me quite well, however, as the relationship with AAA went on I forgot to keep asking.

The questions were:

  1. What are you looking for?
    1. The answer then and the answer now have not changed. Someone who fulfills me.  Not completes me.  I am complete, I don’t need anyone to do that for me.  I do however want someone that complements me (and maybe even compliments me).
  2. What will you accept?
    1. I’m not looking for Mr. Perfect.  I know that he does not exist.  I do not however want Mr. Horny&WantsAShag.  I want someone that wants the same as I do.  I want someone willing to put work into a relationship.  That’s important.  I deserve that, as do each and every person that reads my blog (and many many others).  The only people who don’t deserve it are the ones that won’t put the work in.
  3. WHO are you looking for?
    1. This one is a bit harder to describe. This is broken into two distinct categories Must Haves/Deal Breakers
      1. Must Haves:
        1. A job- I will not be the sole bread winner, or the one that goes to work while Boy stays home drawing a check. I don’t care the sob story, you can do something.
        2. A sense of humor- If you take life too seriously then what’s the point in living it. I mean none of us get out alive after all.  Live it up, go to the party, drink a beer, play the guitar even though you know 2 chords and can’t carry a tune in a bucket.  Be fun!
        3. Have a future in mind- Don’t be a fuddy duddy, but also know that being 36 and living at home isn’t going to net you a winner, or at the very least it’s not going to get you me.  Be working towards forever, with me, and with your end goal in site.  I know now days people don’t get to retire.  We work far too hard to get things RIGHT NOW.  Most people don’t save.  I’m on of those, even though I’d love to do that in the future.
        4. Be willing to entertain a future with me. I think this one is pretty self explanatory.  Let’s plan a future.  Be it two months from now or six months or a year.  I’d love to say forever, but when your just starting out, that’s probably pushing it.
        5. This one is the most basic and most important on the list. DON’T BE A DICK. I stopped reminding  myself of this one about halfway through the relationship with AAA, and it got me a lot of lumps and bruises figuratively and literally.
      2. Deal Breakers
        1. If you can’t drive, I probably will cross you off the list
        2. Major Medical issues. A sore shoulder, Diabetes, HTN, these are things that won’t get you to ‘deal break.’  However if you have seizures so badly that you can’t drive, you are on disability because of a spinal injury because you fell off the roof playing JackAss, and you expect me to wipe your ass, then no that’s not going to happen.
        3. Divorced more than twice. And honestly I’d like to make this once, but given that I’m heading closer to 40 I’ll make a second mistake rule.
        4. If you are willing to be in a dead end job working for minimum wage with no prospects for the future, and no want or need for a change then yea, that’s a deal breaker too.


I’m sure there are more, but at the moment I’m actually drawing a blank, and let’s face it this blog post is by far too long, so I’ll just close with this:


There’s a guy.  He meets all the must haves, he doesn’t seem to land in any of the deal breakers. And I’m finding it harder to write about the past because of him.  I think that’s a good sign.  Oh and he makes me laugh, and he keeps a smile on my face even in the darkest hours.


I feel pretty damn lucky.



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