The Little Plane that Couldn’t

I’d awaken in the pisser of all moods that day.  I showered, got dressed and headed out extra early.  I put on my makeup, I did my hair, everything.  I had a date before dawn.  Fish!Boy had invited me to go flying.  At first I thought he meant an actual plane, but quickly I was to learn that it was a model plane.  My hopes suddenly crashed and my mood became even darker.  (if that’s possible).

I’m still not sure what woke me in such a bad mood, perhaps the dream I’d had where aliens had abducted me and tried to steal my still fetus.  (I was not pregnant)  But regardless it had soured my mood tragically.

I put on a brave face, and continued on with the day. Determined that this date would be wonderful.  I mean I’d already deluded myself into thinking the guy was great.  This would be too.

We drove for about thirty minutes before we found ourself in a relatively flat area.  That’s when I realized it was an ACTUAL air strip.  Well it was a crop duster air strip, so it was dust and dirt, but it was flat.

He pulled his bright fuchsia plane out of the back of his friend’s truck.  His friend looked like a true mountain man, or maybe even big foot, just not quite as hairy.  We stood around as he let the ‘jet fuel settle’  I’m not sure that’s something you have to do, but it was what we were doing.  Then he started the engine by pushing a button on the control pad.

It took about thirty minutes to get that little plane into the sky, but when he did it sure flew.  He did no tricks, he was afraid that he’d hurt the plane.

With that said it should have been no small wonder that I was not allowed to fly it.

Madison: “So Fish!boy can I fly your plane?”
Fish!Boy: “Madison this is not a toy, it’s a full functional model.  Do you know how to fly an actual plane? NO.  Have you ever flown ANYTHING? NO.  So no, you may NOT fly my plane.”
Madison *under my breath*:  “I’ve flown a paper plane.”

I kicked my foot against the sand, and wandered around the grassy dirt filled area, until we were done flying.  That probably wouldn’t have happened for many more hours, but he Mister Perfect forgot to keep an eye on his fuel, and the plane unceremoniously dropped from the sky damaging one bright pink wing.

I’d go back with him to his mother’s house, where instead of spending any time with me, he’d spend the next 2 hours looking for replacement props, wings, and a propeller.  I made the offhand comment that it would be cheaper to buy a whole new body, but he insisted on finding replacements.  I was wrong again.

I didn’t take it lying down! I gathered my items, and headed for the door.  He asked why I was leaving, and I said “I just don’t feel well today, I’m going home. See you next weekend.”  He didn’t even get up from his computer to kiss me goodbye.  This should have been my first clue that it was over.  But I didn’t see it as such.  I saw it as an opportunity to do better as a couple.   I saw the work that went into a relationship.  He saw an easy out.

Well in truth I don’t think he saw it yet.  This was 3 months before our ultimate breakup.  But it was heading there and I should have let go here.  The pain would have been less.  I’d have been better.  But I didn’t know then what I know now.

I now know that if it’s not working most men won’t try to fix it.  They turn tail and run scared.  I now know that there is no perfect relationship and you have to work to make any relationship continue.  I also know that romantic comedies while good watches, are not where you should base your real life relationships.

I can turn that last paragraph around too.  Most women don’t put the work into relationships, and if they turn sour, they turn tail and run as well.  The thing is we have to find those that do want to work to make it last.

And the relationship is bound to break if both are not invested.  Fish!Boy would turn out to be 2 of the 3 A’s in the AAA.  He was AbusiveAsshole.  That’s enough.  I actually learned a lot from him, and it took a skunk painted in black to fool my cat heart that he wasn’t just that… a skunk. (sorry Pepe Lepew, you are a much better choice for a date than either of these frogs).

There will be at least another installment of Fish!Boy.  Perhaps I’ll write it tomorrow.  Maybe not.  It’s coming, I just have to pull it kicking and screaming out of my memory.


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