I have a secret.  It’s floundering around inside me aching to be released.  Mostly because I’m not sure how to handle it.  So unfortunately dear readers, until I figure it out, this will not be the blog post.

Now for the post.  Ever notice how when you are deciding something big how everything seems to tell you what you already are either thinking or more importantly afraid of?  Also isn’t it funny how the things you are afraid of may not even be scary?

I’ve wrote before about the radio and how it shadowed what was going through my head and ultimately what happened, but today I was given some very sad news concerning a good friend.  Then my Facebook feed seemed to help me with the words I did not know how to form.

This is what I got out of the video.

Some people are supposed to be in your life for a minute, or for a while, or forever.  Too many times we take the minute people and try to stretch them to forever, because we are lonely.  People take too much shit from people who they shouldn’t be with in the first place, and boy don’t I know this from experience.

People are like trees.  (this part is paraphrased badly from a Madea quote)  Some are leaves and they can shelter you for just a little bit, then they die off and leave. Don’t make a leaf your whole world, because you are not going to like the outcome.

Some people are like branches.  They seem stable, and will be around longer, but if you step out on them they will be brittle and break leaving you crashing to the earth to suffer heart break.

Then you have the roots.  That’s who we should look for.  A root.  These people are who you should hang onto for dear life.  If you find a root, don’t let go.

This analogy works in love and in friendship.  How many times have we gave our trust to leaves?  Lord knows if you’ve read my blog there have been a lot of leaves (or frogs).  I’ve wanted to make Fish!boy permanent, but apparently he was barely more than a leaf.  Then I had the AAA and he was barely even a leaf, more a bud on the vine that I hung onto and I should have let it fall to the wayside.

My friend is dealing with a leaf that overstayed its usefulness.  I’m sad for her.   Of course, I’m also very excited for her.  Once the heart ache heals she’ll has the ability to find a root.  And with each leaf or branch you find you learn a little more.  And I believe that one day you’ll have that root.  You will be able to spend the time and energy to tender that root into its own tree.

And then once it’s right you’ll entwine your limbs to become one unit, and it will last.  Only it doesn’t last because you get a piece of paper, or a ring.  It lasts because you continually water it with love and praise.  You have fights and the storms will tear at your leaves, but because the two of you are roots, you can take a storm, you can handle hurricane force winds, because you choose too.

My friend’s problem was that she was a root, and he was a tree.  When the smallest of storms blew, she’d be ready to tend, to help, to strengthen, but with time, his leaf though it had become a branch, began to deaden and fall away.

Now she has to clean up the branches and brambles he left behind, and then she can move on.  And she will be glorious.

Lastly, to my friend, I think she should invest in some Hiddleston therapy, maybe some Quinto session, and follow it up with a Pine fiasco!  Finally for dessert she should feast on Misha pudding, and retreat into her happy place for at least a week, oh and eat a lot of real ice cream.  Then stand up proud, wash your hand of that idiot Frog, and be happy.  Be the you you’ve always been, don’t let this change you too much, and you win.  Take back your power girl!  You’ve got this.


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