Liars, thieves, and cheats

There are few things in the world that I dislike as much as I dislike a liar.  There I said it, and I feel.. well actually I feel exactly the same way as I did before I wrote it.  I hate liars.  I hate thieves. And honestly I’m getting where I hate most people.

There are many kinds of liars.  You have the “friend” the one that lies about where they’ve been, who they’ve been with, and what they’ve been doing to ‘save you’ from their actual life.  I had a friend who loved pot.  I, being a nurse, am unable at this point in time to partake in this illegal activity.  So instead of saying  “Hey I’m gonna be out with <insert pot friend> tonight, so we’re not going to be able to go to < whatever it is you want to do>,” this ‘friend’ would say “Oh I’m sick tonight, sorry.”

Now to this persons deluded liar mind, that meant whatever I wanted to do would be folly and I’d stay home pining because my friend couldn’t go.  But NO!  I’m not hinged solely on whether I have to go alone or not.  There were many times I’d run into that friend out and about, when I went to the Karaoke joint, or I’d went to the movies, whatever it is that I had originally planned on doing.  Then came the follow up lie.  “Well I felt better, but I’d already told you that I was sick, so I didn’t want you to think that I was lying, because I totally wasn’t” (The cloud around her was quite pungent at this time.)

You have the ‘Liar boyfriend’.  “I love you, I want to spend forever with you.”  This is what they say, what they are doing however is boning everything with a pulse.  Eventually getting engaged while you’re still dating them, oh I don’t know if I made that abundantly clear or not.  Getting engaged to another women, while your still dating them, they are still living with you, and sleeping in your bed.  Then disappearing one day when they are still supposed to be paying their portion of the bills.

A close cousin to the liar, is the thief.

There are numerous thieves in the works as well.  We have that ‘money thief.’ This one in question managed to swipe my total paycheck from my wallet smoothly enough that I didn’t realize it had happened.  It’s really hard to make ends meet when you are living on 400 a biweekly period, it’s impossible to do it when you don’t have a dime.  My purse was situated between the seats on the console, and apparently he as smooth as you pleased removed the money and I had no idea.  That weekend he paid for everything, food, drinks, gas.  What I didn’t know was that I was doing the paying.  If I had known it I’d have pressed charges, it was weeks later that I realized that’s where the money came from.

Then there’s the good friend thief.  I once had a ‘best’ friend, who I thought the world of.  We were planning to be in each others’ weddings for fuck sake.  So when I left the AAA (Alcoholic Abusive Asshole) She offered me some space at her storage unit.  For 20 bucks a month.  Ok that’s cheaper than getting my own, sure!

I had no idea that it would turn into the fiasco that followed.  I’d call her up on a Monday when in town, to try to give her money.  She’d be ‘unavailable.”  After a while I’d just give her two months at a time, and make sure I was always up to date on payments, because really she’s my friend, I don’t want money to hang over our friendship. (Although she was still ‘supposed’ to pay me back the near $1000 she’d borrowed from me over the last few months of my relationship with the AAA.

Then I get a random text.  “You owe 90 dollars. Either pay or get shit.” Don’t worry, I’m not going to delve too far into that text, let’s just suffice it to say that it did not go over well.  She was pregnant and apparently when some women carry another human inside their body, their brains get depleted of everything and they turn into complete asshats.  That’s what happened with her.  This argument never got much better.  I saw her one more time and gave her 40 bucks.  Which actually put me OVER what I owed her.  I still don’t know where she got 90 bucks from.

The next thing I know she’s communicating on facebook with the AAA.  I asked her if she was still friendly with him, and that’s when she blew up.  She called me everything but a white woman.  I was shocked at the wording that came across the screen.

Her fiancé (For all intents and purposes we will call him The Leprechaun, because well, he looked like a fuzzy ass leprechaun), well he made a post about how I’d receive my stuff, broken and in as many pieces as possible, or perhaps I’d be the one broken.  I chose at that moment to lose the items that were in their locker.  Why would I put myself in peril to go get my things?

Honestly, I know there were things that I desperately wanted in that stuff, but I couldn’t tell you now almost a year later, what those things were.  And She the ex-friend is still with the leprechaun and has brought a half leprechaun into the world.

I hope they are enjoying whatever was in that room, because some of it took me 34 years to acquire, and one day I’ll afford to buy it all again, they will always be pay check to pay check and scamming people for their meals.

Meanwhile I’ll be the happier person that I am, and while I might be living at home again for the time being, I win.  I am not saddled with the AAA, and I no longer have to raise two adults and their unborn spawn. (now born.)

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