Liebster? Liebster? Liebster?



SingleGuyInNewYork  was ever so gracious as to nominate me for this auspicious award.  (well, I actually don’t know how auspicious but I’ll accept with all the dignity I can muster, because it makes me very happy to have received it.)  While reading this you should definitely check out his blog, it’s a hilarious foray into singledom from the male perspective.


When you receive an award, you’re requested? required? to follow these steps:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their page(s).
2. Proudly display the award banner on your page.
3. List eleven facts about yourself.
4. Answer the questions the award-giver asked you and make 11 more for your nominees.
5. List your nominees.


Wow I’ve already made it through the first two and I wasn’t exactly trying.  (also I need to thank Single Guy again for using his hosting of the award… I didn’t exactly ask..)  So now onto the eleven facts about me.

1.  I recently took a trip to New York (not the city.. but the state)  I think I might have fallen in love with the city I was in however, and the company well he doesn’t get a blog post.

2.  when I was 13 or so I ran my sister over with a Honda Trail 70.  Perhaps one day I’ll blog about that as well.

3.  I’ve had a touch of writers block lately, paired with less time for blogging (what with vacations abounding), I have been wanting to branch out into other venues with this blog, I wonder if any readers would have an issue with differing stories working their way in, and not just dating stories.

4. I live in a town with 75 people in it.  I’m starved for people, and I don’t mean actually starved either, I don’t tend to eat people with a nice Chianti.

5. I hate the airport in North Carolina.  It was far to long, and I was far FAR too far away from my adjoining flight.

6. I’ve recently decided/discovered/learned  that I am an introvert with extroverted tendencies..  I can be extroverted but it takes a lot more energy than I’d like.

7. I’m the eldest of three siblings.   (which means I got all the rules and they got all the freedom)

8. I play the flute.  (and at one time I did it quite well)

9. I love to sing.

10. I watch television shows and movies over and over (at least the ones I like).

11.  I’m a mega geek.  Games, movies, shows, comics  you name it I am into it.



My required question/answers:D


  1. If you were a lofty emperor/empress of a foreign land, what wacky and frivolous law would you enact to keep yourself entertained?

This question is tough!  I believe that if I were an empress of a foreign land I’d institute a law that stated if approached by royalty always carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket. Because then I’d make all sorts of money in fines, because who is ever going to carry an ice cream cone in their back pocket.
THEN!  I would intermittently walk through the land meeting people. (mwahaha)

  1. Boxers or briefs?

As I am female I will take this as which do I prefer on a male counterpart.  Honestly I prefer boxer briefs on a man.  They are sexy, and they seem quite comfortable.  So I think they are the perfect undies for a man.

  1. What did your last received text message say?

Well.. Let me check… Pulls out the trusted Samsung S3. Yes I know we are now on the S5, I’m living in the stone age. 😀

Now for the message.   “Found the Tardis sound and set it as my texting tone. LOL”

  1. Top or bottom?

Hrm…  I have no answer to this. In sex, I’d rather be the one on the bed.  I’m too clumsy to manage Cowgirl effectively?


  1. What’s the one song that describes you best?

Radioactive—Imagine Dragons?  Ho Hey- Lumineers?  I’m really just picking at straws here.  There aren’t really any songs that talk of being 34 and living in a town of 75..


  1. Name a political figure you hate

Not a big fan of the POTUS

  1. Do you speak more than one language?

Does Pig Latin count?  NO?  Well I took Latin in high school, and you can’t speak that so.. no.

  1. What’s your top 5 movies (in no particular order)?

Harry Potter (the entire series)

Back to the Future (the series)

The Core


Rebel without a Cause

  1. What’s your favorite physical quality in the opposite sex (or same sex)?

Their eyes.  NO!  Their Hands.. Definitely their hands.  Strong hands, hands that hold my hands.  Yea.. It’s hands.

  1. What’s your favorite personal characteristic in the opposite sex (or same sex)?

Is being just as geeky as I am a personal characteristic?  If not.. I’ll go with Sense of humor.

  1. What’s the cutest thing anyone has ever done or said to you?

There’s this guy that quoted Firefly to me…

ahem.. were I unwed, I would take you in a manly fashion. Cause your pretty.


MY Nominees

Still Alive after 35

Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth

Pizza of Doom

Random (can I call you random?)

The Fickle Heartbeat


  1. If you had to live in a television show, what show would it be?
  2. What’s your biggest pet peeve in a potential mate?
  3. How many siblings do you have?
  4. Do you get along?
  5. What is your favorite animal?
  6. Name your top 5  favorite books(series) in no particular order
  7. If you had a child tomorrow what would you name them?
  8. Where’s the farthest you have ever went for a vacation?
  9. Where do you dream of living when you retire?
  10. Who is your biggest idol?
  11.  IF you were stranded on a desert island what would you take with you (limited to 3)?

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