The one with the fish

Another story?  I don’t mind if I do.  This one takes place in 2002ish.. I was 22..ish I’d been working at a tobacco shop for about three months; I’d started back to college and was taking intro to psychology and a few other courses.  I was thoroughly engrossed In the psych class, and would even... Continue Reading →

The Astronut

  27.  It’s how old I was when this story happened.  I was living happily in a neighboring city, my roommate and I had been friends since junior high, and we were generally enjoying the summer.  We’d spend days off at the river, tubing/drinking, and we’d spend our work days/nights around town.  It was a... Continue Reading →

Bobble Head

The year was likely 1999 maybe even 2000.  I was an aide at the hospital in this small no nothing town in which I live.  I’d made friends with numerous nurses and other aides at the hospital.  This lead me to helping out when their home computers blew up.  That’s right, back in the days... Continue Reading →

The Teacher.

I’ve tried to write this blog post for two days.  The first day I was exhausted from lack of sleep and shopping.  My brain seemed disjointed, and I could not type.  I stared at the blank page for hours, and finally came up with some drivel about a past boyfriend that I wouldn’t show my... Continue Reading →

Ice Cream?

I may have noted before that I am shallow.  I think that needs reiterating, as I am going to regale you with one of the shallowest moments in my dating history.  I am not a thin girl; in fact I reference my size in the title and tag of this blog.  I’m ok with that. ... Continue Reading →

FWB Fiasco

Fwb Fiasco Imagine if you will, being 23 fresh from a roller coaster of a first real relationship, and finally turtle heading your way out of the heart broken shell tossed around you.  After the disbelief that you would not in fact be marrying the man who had somehow won your heart and tied c-4... Continue Reading →

The one with the van…

I did it, I’d left him.  The asshole that’d ran my life for two plus years.  It was August, and it was hot.  My legs and arms stuck to the interior of my car, and the thermometer on the dash read 124 degrees.  I had been working on cleaning out my life.  I’d started with... Continue Reading →

Mr. Name Droppper

Just what brings such awesomeness into my life you might be asking?  Well honestly I don’t know if you’re asking or not, but I know I am.  I’ve had such a wonderful time both online and offline with real winners.  So today, instead of regaling you with a date, I thought I’d regale you a... Continue Reading →

A Cowboy Baby…

It was nearing winter, the bar was full of jackets and sweaters.  The music was loud, the dance floor small, and the music was anything goes.  In fact it was Karaoke.  Singer after singer lined up awaiting their turn.  It was my usual joint, my usual night.  This was where I belonged.  I had people... Continue Reading →

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